Essentials for Anchored/Braced Monuments


Need five, straight, 3.5-inch diameter, 40-45 foot long holes in the ground, one of them oriented vertically, the other four at angles of 35 degrees from vertical.  The specific issues are:

We have, with one exception, used a compressed-air ``crawler'' drill rig, designed for drilling shot holes at construction sites (or for open-pit mines).  Other types could be used; the important thing is that the rig be able to drill into whatever material is present, and be manuverable (though you can always take more time with a less maneuverable rig).

Construction Supplies and Materials

The amounts given are for one hole; the total required should thus be by multiplied by 5.

Construction Tools and Equipment

This is a partial list of the major tools and other items needed for construction; some of these can either be reused, or will be only partly used up.

In addition, a good supply of general-purpose tools (eg. shovels and hammers) should be available.

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