A look at the observatory

Cecil and Ida Green at the dedication ``picnic'' (380 kB).

Additional dignitaries from the dedication picnic (332 kB).

Cecil Green with Leo Weuve our longtime friend and site superintendent (343 kB).

Leo Weuve at the controls of a former occupation (256 kB).

Installing one of the 3-meter-tall end piers for the NS Laser Strain Meter (LSM). This column is cemented into the ground and isolated from the surface material and acts as the mechanical connection to the earth (197 kB).

The north-end instrument building for the NS LSM. The Optical and electronic components are housed in these air conditioned buildings (389 kB).

Vacuum pipe along the path of the NS LSM. The laser beam travels through this evacuated pathway to remove effects from the atmosphere (263 kB).

Of the three LSMs one (the NW/SE) is fully anchored to depth (24 meters) using vertical laser interferometers. This photo was taken during the drilling for one of these anchors (380 kB).

The EW LSM pipe heading off toward the far-end. Each of the strainmeters is approximately 731 meters long (323 kB).

Yes, it does snow at the site once or twice each year (327 kB).

Portable NASA Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) tracker (286 kB).

A casson drill rig drilling the access pit for a Kinemetrics shallow borehole tiltmeter of St. Louis University (396 kB).

Drilling the borehole for one of the Carnegie Institution of Washington volumetric strainmeters (230 kB).

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