GPS Monument Information

Cal State University Northridge -- early SCIGN station -- July, 1995


The overall design philosophy of these drilled-braced GPS monuments is to create a highly rigid space-frame which is isolated from the surface soil to some depth (typically 4 meters) and then cemented in place below. The minimum number of angled pipes required to constrain the space-frame in three directions would be three - we use four angled plus one vertical pipe to provide redundancy and longer life.

A very brief description of the steps involved in building one of these monuments is available here.

Each of the drawings is available in both PostScript (to download and send to your local printer) and GIF (to view with your web browser) formats.

Design and Construction Drawings

Drilled and Braced Monument

Driven Rod Monument

Hand Drilled Monument

Rock-Surface Elevated Monument

For Hector Mine Earthquake Array -- 11/99

Wall Mount

Precision Fixed Height Rod

(POGO: Precision Orthogonal Gps rOd)

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